Best Cat Dish Options

Best Cat Dish Options

The dish you choose to serve your cat their meal is almost as important as the food you are serving. Cats are picky. They are hunters. They will capture their food source and hunch down to feast.

Their whiskers are a sensing mechanism. Cats use their whiskers to measure, or sense, the width of doorways, holes, and other openings so they know if they will fit and if there may be something near or around the opening. So if you choose to feed your cat from a standard bowl or deep pet dish, this may impede on your cat's eating as the whiskers will be sensing, or touching, the edges of the bowl. Of course, as they learn to adjust to the bowl they will learn to ignore the "whisker warning" and eat from the bowl, but it will not be comfortable for them as each time their whiskers brush along the sides or edges of the bowl, it will trigger a "warning" to the cat while they are trying to eat. 

Consider feeding your cat from a shallow dish or even a plate. This will allow your cat to feed and their whiskers will be free from touching any high sides as they would with a bowl. 

As stated above, cats are hunters by nature so they tend to hunch down when they eat; however, a dish or plate slightly raised would be more comfortable for your cat and alleviate pressure on the stomach during mealtime. Try raising your cat's dish just a couple of inches off the floor. The combination of the proper feeding dish and placed at a comfortable height will have your cat enjoying mealtime more than ever! 

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