Should Dog Bowls be Elevated

Should Dog Bowls be Elevated

There are so many types of bowls available for feeding your dog. It's a wonder you can even decide on what one to buy! Here's a tip; no need to buy one that comes with a stand or is raised off the floor. You may be doing more harm than good.

Dogs eat at a natural standing position with their head down and their body extended and upright. Many people think that because their head is down while eating, the bowl should be raised to bring their head up to the same level, or close to the same level as their body. This is simply not true and can cause great health concerns for your pet. Don't use elevated bowls unless advised by your dog's vet. Dogs are designed to eat and drink from ground level. Eating from an elevated feeder puts your dog at risk for gastric dilation and volvulus syndrome, GDV for short, which can be life-threatening.

Keeping your dog's bowl on the ground will make it more comfortable to eat and better on the body. If you are thinking of elevating the dish because the bowl gets tipped over or the dog is a messy eater. Try buying a weighted dish or a placemat to keep the bowls on for easy cleanup.

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